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No. More. Pain.

Grizzlies lost by 25 to Houston tonight. As noted by the CA’s Scott Cacciola, Allen Iverson had the best +/- on the team tonight (as did Hasheem & Marko Jaric). It would seem that if you could get an incentive-laden contract with the Grizzlies, the best thing to do might be just not show up.

michael-heisley iconBut, oh, it’s painful to watch. I was filling in for Parrish today, and made mention that the Grizzlies might win 15 games this year. Calkins scoffed and laughed it off. I may have been kidding at the time, but the more I think about it, and the more I watch this team… WHO are we going to beat? Is there anyone out there worse than we are right now?

Sacramento won 17 games last year.

The Clippers and the Wizards won 19.

Oklahoma City? 23.

Minnesota? 24. Same as the Grizz.

We’ve lost to the Kings and Clips, and Washington has Agent Zero back.

As I write this, the only other team with one win is Minnesota. And they’re beating Portland right now by seven. (And Portland killed us Tuesday night.)

We match up with Minnesota Saturday.


Total disaster.


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