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Advice to Bama Opposition: Don’t Wear Black. No Wait – DO Wear Black!!

alabamamissstateblackWhile watching the Alabama/Mississippi State game last night: a thought occurred to me – has Alabama ever lost to a team that was wearing black jerseys?

After a few text messages to some media friendlies, no one could come up with an answer. So I did what anyone would do in such a situation: I called my dad.

Without hesitation, he said, “Not in my lifetime.”

Well, that’s at least since 1953.

After scanning the all-time list of Alabama opponents, the only option I saw was Colorado. And Colorado’s only win versus Alabama was in the 1969 Liberty Bowl.

liberty1969 mussoBut on that day, Colorado was wearing white. Want proof? My grandmother was at the game. What? you don’t believe MeMa? Okay, then check out Johnny Musso to the left.

See? You should always trust my MeMa.

They hold a 5-0 record against Cincinnati, and according to the record books, they haven’t played Purdue, Grambling, one of the Oregon varieties, or anyone else that has sported black jerseys for a long time.

The only exception is Vanderbilt, who Alabama holds a 59-19-4 edge over. I can’t find how long they’ve been wearing black jerseys, and the only photos I can find with Vandy as the home team has Vanderbilt sporting the whites.

Vandy’s most recent win against Alabama (non-forfeited… I know) was in 1984. So maybe there was a game here or there in the early part of the century that Vandy crept in a black-jerseyed win.

And it’s only been recent (since 2000?) since the alternate uniform craze has taken, and none more popular than the ‘black-out’. South Carolina has held to their garnet red in their most recent meetings in Columbia, and the statement made last season in what Bama did to Georgia in Athens. And last night, Mississippi State became the most recent missed attempt.

But I say all that to say this: It has at least been a real long time (and perhaps never) since anyone’s beaten Alabama on a football field wearing a black shirt.

So I have some advice to the folks in the Bama athletic department – see if you can order up 100 or so black jerseys and send them down to Gainesville. They could come in handy on December 5th.

Maybe that’ll be all the edge they need.

And if that works out, you might want to send a load over to Austin as well. Turns out, that while I was looking a bunch of this stuff up, that out of 128 opponents Alabama has ever played – they have never beaten 14 of them.

Twelve of those were one-time games.

They’re 0-3 against Rice. (Bad stretch from ’54-’56.)

The other team?


Bama is 0-7-1 against the Longhorns.

If we end up with a Alabama/Texas game in LA, remember – you heard it here first.

And remember to tell Mack Brown he looks great in black.


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