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UT Basketball Players Arrested on Drug, Alcohol, and Guns Charges.

Suspects and charges:

1. Cameron Alexander Tatum (driver) (a) unlawful poss. of firearm (b) open container of alcohol

2. David Tyler Smith (front seat passenger) (a) unlawful poss. of firearm (b) poss. of firearm with altered serial #

3. Melvin Lamont Goins II ( left rear seat passenger ) (a) unlawful poss. of firearm (b) poss. of schedule VI

4. Brian M. Williams ( right rear seat passenger ) (a)unlawful poss. of firearm (b) poss. of firearm with altered serial # (c) poss. of schedule VI

Read the complete police report at SPORTSbyBROOKS.

Quick thought – altered serial #s on firearms are a serious deal. Like felony-serious. Should this all hold up (or even be close), we’ve probably seen the last of Brian Williams and Tyler Smith on a basketball court.

From UT Coach Bruce Pearl:

“We take these matters very seriously,” UT coach Bruce Pearl said in a statement released by UT. “We are still gathering information. Once the appropriate authorities have provided us with all of the facts, we will act accordingly.”

He better. That’s 32 points a game he’s got toting firearms around Knoxville. This is going to be a real test for Bruce Pearl, and possibly one that will set the direction for the remainder of his tenure at Tennessee. Will he go high road and suspend/expel all the players from basketball, or will he play card of “these boys need basketball”? I believe Memphis fans have heard that one before.

And depending on where you sit with Bruce’s involvement with the Deon Thomas scandal (he’s either of high moral character or a snake),this new test will continue to define him in the eyes of opposing coaches, writers, fans, and players for years to come. For good or for bad. How decisively he makes his choices in the coming days will also reflect on his legacy and how much patience his fan base, athletic department, university administration, and board of trustees will have with him going forward.


January 1, 2010 - Posted by | NCAA Basketball, SEC Basketball

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