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I Guess Bruce Was Right When He Said He Was Bringing His “Big Guns” Back This Season…

Bruce & Lane - firm supporters of the Second Amendment


We just didn’t know that this was what he meant.

The brand-spanking-new Dan Wolken Show begins today on 730 Fox Sports. Dan and crew will delve into just what happened in Knoxville over the past weekend, and just what Bruce Pearl is going to do about it. Or at least what he should do about it. He apparently wants to make a decision “shortly”, while Mike Hamilton (haven’t mentioned him in awhile) wants all the facts. And they almost made it a full 8 weeks since having gun problems. Too bad.

If there are any Tennessee fans out there that want to defend this, or say that Tennessee is not developing (or already have) an image problem – we’d love to hear it.

Josh Pastner will also be a guest on the new program, scheduled for 12:05. We’ll recap the Tennessee game, as well as look ahead to the big matchup this week versus Syracuse.

OH – and look who’s playing .500 basketball! Our own Memphis Grizzlies. Will anyone at the station give credit to Mike Conley?

Probably not.


January 3, 2010 - Posted by | Random

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