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Grizz Country Calls Us. And We Must Listen.

We Have Now Found Grizz Country. Welcome.

The Grizzlies win! For the first time since Jon Roser was eleven years old (slight exaggeration), our Memphis Grizzlies are on the high side.

What did we learn last night? Well, OJ proved yet again that he is a cold blooded killer… OJ Mayo, that is.

Z-Bo gets another 20 and 10, but takes a scary spill late in the ballgame, and produced a healthy limp for the rest of the contest? Is Z-Bo’s knee cool? Gotta have Z-Bo.

On the college front, UT has decided that all problems will be solved by taking down billboards. (Oh – and we finally found out who rented the car… girlfriend’s mama.)

Wolken’s up in Syracuse, and he’ll tell you what all Memphis will have to do tonight for a shot at beating the Orange. (Going to take hitting a LOT of shots.) And we’ll also discuss just how cool this game would be if it was a Big East game. But will it ever be?


January 6, 2010 - Posted by | Grizzlies, Memphis Tigers, NCAA Basketball

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