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Alabama Wins 13th National Title.

Goldust must be a Texas fan.

Too bad for Colt McCoy. The Goldust streaker got more time on the field than Colt. Seriously, although I haven’t thought too hard about it, I don’t recall an elite player injuring himself at the beginning of a championship game and becoming unable to play.

Colt gave us an almost-Willis Reed moment by coming out of the locker room during the third quarter with shoulder pads on – but it was not to be.

While it looked like the rout was on after Bama went up 18, Texas clawed back after a series of Bama defensive mistakes in the secondary, some wild special teams play, and with Bama’s offense staying in the locker room after halftime to catch the end of Jersey Shore.

And while he did finally put together a few good drives by throwing only to Jordan Shipley (Seriously, did he complete a pass to anyone else? Didn’t seem like it.), perhaps Mack Brown will start playing his backup quarterbacks more in blowout games – as opposed to racking up stats for his Heisman-potential QBs. Seems like Garrett Gilbert might have benefited from a few more snaps this year. Just a thought.


January 8, 2010 - Posted by | NCAA Football, SEC Football

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