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Kiffin Hilarity 2010 – the thoughts…

Now I don’t speak for everyone around here at 730Foxsports when it comes to sports topics, but I can safely say that everyone collectively laughed when the news broke that Lane Kiffin would be leaving Knoxville.

As for my take on the situation it might be a little slanted for many reasons:
1. I grew up in Memphis.
2. I grew up a Memphis fan, therefore I could care less about the Vols.
3. I went to Memphis, therefore I actually went to the university I root for.
4. I didn’t go to Knoxville for one semester, flunk out, transfer to Memphis, and then tell other’s I’m a die hard Volunteer.

So all of these factor in to the following thoughts:
– Who cares that he named his son Knox? That’s a cool name. The kids maybe twelve months old… I don’t know the age or care. But I do know that baby Knox is so young and non-mentally developed that he’ll respond to Turd if you called him that. I bet they change his name.
– Why would someone want to stay in East Tennessee when they can live in Southern California?
– Al Davis doesn’t look so crazy anymore.
– Hey UT fan, remember when Coach Calipari left? Remember when you thought it was hilarious? Now you know what it feels like.
– The difference between the Cal and Kiffin situation is that the Tiger basketball team will still win in a crappy conference. UT is screwed for while…
– Why would the students riot around their own campus? Now you don’t have a coach AND you have a messy campus.
– Memphis looks like a civil school now.
– I hope Fulmer tells them to shove it.


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