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Kiffin Reaction via Facebook…

This is just a few of the posts on my facebook home page regarding the Lane Kiffin (hilarious) situation:

Let me preface this by saying that I took out the names of the people who made the posts and replaced them with a dash. I also replaced the names of my facebook friends who joined certain groups with the # of them who joined. This is merely to protect the innocent.

I’d also like to add that I capitalized almost everyone of these sentences to again protect the innocent: What are they teaching in Knoxville?

Facebook Status Updates:
-Holla Lane….why don’t you change your poor kid’s name while you’re at it.
15 people – joined the group Dear Lane Kiffin, We hate you. Love, the Vols.
-Bye Bye Kiffen!! *GO VOLS*
27 people – joined the group I HATE LANE KIFFIN!
18 people – joined the group I WAS BETRAYED BY LANE KIFFIN.
13 people – joined the group I Bet I Can Find 1,000,000 People That Hope Lane Kiffin Fails at USC.
-Wish we would get some of that $800,000 kiffin has to pay to get out of his contract. good riddins
46 people – became a fan of Lane Kiffin is a B-ITCH!
-Hopes Pete Carroll fails miserably in the NFL AGAIN and his stupid Seahawks SUCK it up next season for causin the ass of all things football to fall out today….
-WTF?!?!?!? is this for real????
-Confused by Kiffin’s decision to head west… won’t USC be penalized eventually?
-Lane Kiffin… about as faithful as Tiger Woods!!!!!!!!!!!
– Holy cow! It only took Lane Kiffin a handful of months to hate that ugly orange color as much as everyone else…….Awesome.
– How’s he gonna name his baby Knox then go back to USC!!! Sucky night in tn!
-Ummm….seriously Kiffin?
-F U lane kiffin!


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