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The 8 Minute Drama Before the :59 Departure

I have a lot of personal opinions of Bud Ford due to some previous experiences that I’ve had with him, so I may not be looking at this with the most unbiased vision. So, I’ll save most of my disdain of Mr. Ford for another time. Regardless, my reaction:

  1. Not doing it live is fine. Kiffin, for good reason, didn’t want anyone to know where he physically was at anytime that evening, so that he could avoid a public stoning. That’s understandable.
  2. Bud begins the video explaining to everyone what a favor Lane is doing for them, as “…most times, coaches are gone. He believes he should say something and give some information. That’s what he believes…” That’s a bunch of crap. Thanks for telling us what an upstanding guy Lane Kiffin is, Bud. He then lightly suggests that he will kick the TV guy (we know him as Bad Hair) out of the building. That’s more bull.
  3. The TV guy (despite his hairstyle) was 1000000% correct. That request to have a portion of the conference with TV cameras off is ridiculous. To allow some members of the media access to press conference statements while denying others is unfair.
  4. Fourth, and most importantly – Why was Bud Ford so protective of Kiffin? As far as we know, Bud’s not going to USC with him. I wish someone there would have turned that around on Bud and made him fess up to why he was being so protective of a guy who was (a) no longer a UT employee and (b) leaving the UT football program high and dry.
  5. At the end, Ford tries to make it sound like the TV people were being the ones being unreasonable and that they screwed everyone else. No, Bud. You were being unreasonable.

If the rest of the media had stood beside Bad Hair and supported him from the jump (and maybe have told the blonde to quit whining), they could have forced the decision on to Kiffin (and Ford): either he goes in front of the cameras 100%, or he doesn’t do anything. And THERE’S your story – TV and everyone can say that Kiffin REFUSED to go before the media before sneaking out of town. So then it’s wide open for the firing squads of reporters, and the hate for Lane Kiffin goes to even another level with the press piling on along with the students in the streets.

Instead, we got :59 of video with a half-assed prepared statement.


January 17, 2010 - Posted by | NCAA Football, SEC Football

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