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This Kid Plays College Basketball?

I was catching the Tennessee/Georgia game today, and saw what looked like a team trainer sitting behind Mark Fox. Only he was wearing basketball warm-ups. This made me curious. So I did some research on Georgia’s athletic website…

Congratulations to Matt Bucklin, of the University of Georgia men’s basketball team, for winning 730 Fox Sports’ “College Athlete That Looks Most Like a Twelve Year-Old” Award.


Some highlights from Matthew’s player bio (which you can find here):

  • He was credited with an assist in last year’s season finale in Tampa.
  • Averaged 13 points and seven assists as a senior at Pope High School (FYI – my high school #s were much better, so I’m waiting on my call from UGA)
  • Loves Chips & Queso (who doesn’t?)
  • Enjoys playing MarioKart and Pokemon
  • Played soccer in high school (while the cool kids played baseball)
  • Music he listens to the most: Eminem… and Jessica Simpson??? (Unreal. Did someone hack into his webpage?)
  • Doesn’t like grits (And he’s from Georgia? Odd.)
  • And Buck’s favorite beverage is Minute Maid Apple Juice.

Now, there are a two conclusions we can draw from this.

  1. This kid is an uber-loser, and Mark Fox needs him to drive up the team’s GPA (he was named to the SEC Freshman Academic and UGA Director’s Honor Rolls, possibly because his mom would take away his Pokemon if he didn’t get good grades).
  2. OR, the kid has an amazing sense of humor, considering the situation he’s found himself in. He got that questionnaire for the UGA player profiles, and said, “screw it, let’s have some fun with this.” And that is something I can applaud. Even if he does look like he’s 12.

And there’s no way he’s 6 foot, 170.


January 23, 2010 - Posted by | NCAA Basketball, SEC Basketball

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