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National Signing Day!! Go Crazy, Folks! Go Crazy!

The Machine that all of Alabama is watching.

It’s National Signing Day!! So every man in the southeastern United States is on a message board right now.

I love NSD. With all of the hat switcheroos and performances, every year’s class feels the need to outdo the prior year’s spectacles.

And the creativity of high school football players never disappoints.

This year, the schools are getting in on the (ludicrous) fun as well. As you can see (from this link), Alabama has fixed a camera on it’s fax machine. (Exciting, but it’s still no Door.)

So every Bama fan can WATCH the faxes come in along with the great Coach Saban.

But a quick question – how many high school students are using fax machines these days? I figure they’d just use their scanners and email, or maybe take a picture of their LOI with their iPhone and text it over. Just my thoughts.

UPDATE: Not to be out done – the University of Washington is in on the fax-cam fun. (via DrSaturday)


February 3, 2010 - Posted by | NCAA Football, SEC Football

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