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Pierre’s Departure – My Gut Reaction

My gut can be hilarious sometimes – It forced me to write a few things some might find offensive. But, please, don’t blame it on me. Blame it on my gut. It can be a cynical a-hole sometimes.

My first gut reaction / twitter post to the news breaking that some might call too soon:

“Pierre has left the team to focus on his education.”
– That was a mean thing to say, how could it ever insinuate that Pierre is not an excellent student. I’ve convinced it to take that one back.

“Pierres going to learn quick that you go from pouring fine champagne on ho’s booties to pouring Boones Farm.” – That was awful. Again, my gut was insinuating something that is completely not true. He can pour all the finest champagne on whatever booty he likes. Whether he’s a Memphis Tiger or not.

My thoughts since then:

I really hope that Preston Laird doesn’t get arrested. If he does there is no hope for kids out of Memphis playing for the UofM. Recent Memphis kids: Andre Allen, Pierre Niles, and Jeremy Hunt.

Pierre couldn’t catch to begin with. I’m being dead serious when I tell you that every time the ball was thrown to Pierre I would think of Coach Wally Rig from the movie Necessary Roughness yelling out “Don’t throw it stone-hands” when Featherstone was wide open in the end zone.

Pastner definitely gets the free pass now – he’s got one legit big man. And don’t tell me that Angel Garcia is a baller – he clearly isn’t a baller.


February 9, 2010 - Posted by | Memphis Tigers, NCAA Basketball

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