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My Olympic Thoughts

This may be my only Olympic related post so you better like it.

I can name six Olympians:

Johnny Weir – he’s hilarious.
Lindsey Vonn – thanks to Sports Illustrated.
Shaun White – thanks to video games.
Apollo Ohno – thanks to his stupid chin beard.
Ryan Miller – thanks to being awesome.
Bode Miller – thanks to him being the Dick Clark of skiing. Yes, this is his fourth Olympics.

Here’s my thoughts:
After the Olympics I’ll go back to never watching hockey. It doesn’t matter that the game was on MSNBC or NBC. I’ve never watched hockey before so why would I change that habit after 28 years of a life that rules?

I think Curling could be a fun sport if there were a local interest in town. It’s giant shuffleboard, and who doesn’t like shuffleboard? You find a way to incorporate alcohol with Curling and you have yourself a sport I would want to play. The startup has to be cheap – you buy a broom.

Speaking of curling I had a thought via twitter the other day – there should be an inspirational black film in the style of Cool Runnings and adapt curling to it. There’s not an urban vibe to curling, and I for one would like to see it. On top of that – it’s time for an original black inspirational film. Hollywood is really reaching with the swim team, and the one about the debate team. There’s only so much that can inspire me about swimming and debating.

When my wife and I decide to have a kid I think I will teach him to curl, or speed skate. The odds of having your kid become an olympic speed skater are probably pretty good considering most parents force their kids to play baseball, basketball, or football. If we have a girl, we’ll get her to snowboard. To win a gold medal in the half pipe apparently all it takes is not falling down.

The figure skater with the mullet should’ve won. It doesn’t matter what anyone else did. If you can do something no one else in the world can do – you win. It’s like when that one chick won the halfpipe because she was the only one not to fall down. She got the gold.

I’m sure my wife will continue to watch figure skating and my dignity will continue to dwindle down.

Bobsleigh is far and away the coolest thing to watch. It’s like Goodfellas – once you start watching it you can’t change the channel. And then you realize three hours have gone by.

Skiing is pretty cool to watch. I’ll watch it as long something better is not on. But it’s the winter olympics, so something better is usually on.

That’s all I got.


February 22, 2010 - Posted by | Random

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