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Well, I Guess That Means Karen Sypher Wasn’t a Nuisance, At Least…

Sounds like Rick Pitino will be staying at Louisville, after all. Whatsmore, he tells us just what constitutes a “nuisance”:

“When someone speaks an untruth it’s a bit of a distraction,” he said after Louisville’s loss to St. John’s on Feb. 11. “I want to just concentrate on coaching and playing. When people speak an untruth, it bothers you. There is no truth to it. … I’ve been at Louisville for nine years and I want to coach till I’m 65 and I hope it’s at Louisville and I hope they’ll have me. It’s a distraction, a nuisance.”

Soooo, it’s untruths that really bother him. Not silly things like extramarital affairs, sexual assault allegations, extortion cases, having to send his son off to another school before his son killed him for cheating on his wife, the lady who accuses you of sexual assualt marrying a member of your coaching staff six months later…

All this is fine.

But if you tell a lie… then you, sir, are a nuisance.

And no one likes a nuisance. 

It’s also worth noting that Louisville is giving Rick a “loyalty bonus” of $3.6 mil on July 1.

A “loyalty bonus”? Really? Hmmm.

But Louisville is keeping my man Pitino (hey, I like the guy) on for some more fun. Which I’m glad about. I’ve been eagerly anticipating the revival of the Pitino/Calipari rivalry, and the intrastate competition will be a lot of fun for the years to come. Glad to see that Pitino is going to stick it out and go head to head against the Big Blue Cal Monster.


March 30, 2010 - Posted by | NCAA Basketball

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