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Grant Hill is Partying Like It’s 1991… And I Shall Be Released.

Well, that was nice.

Perhaps we were pulling for the underdog.

Perhaps we were pulling for the team that wasn’t Duke.

But in the end, our team finally fell victim to the team that was better.

Now, since when did I jump on the Butler bandwagon? After all, I’ve been about as anti-low seed as anyone can be for a few weeks now. I’ve stated again and again that low seeds competing for and potentially winning national titles are a bad thing. The championship is devalued as a result, I was saying.

I still kind of believe this. Butler wasn’t the best team in the country. Not even in the Top 6.*

But, what I saw on Monday night was the joy and excitement of tournament play. Really, it couldn’t of gotten any better. I had picked my villain (Duke) and my hero (Butler). The reasons aren’t important – and neither is which team I favored. It’s that I had picked someone to cheer for.

I didnt have any money on this game, and I didn’t attend either school. Hell, I don’t know anyone that attended either school. But because of the stories that were developed over the course of this tournament (and toss in my anti-Duke-ness), I had a rooting interest.

I believe what turned me on this was that it was a close game. That’s all I really ask for as a person who watches a lot of sports. No blowouts in championship games.

And that’s why I think I had been worried before about low seeds advancing so far and ruining everything. Because usually, smaller schools/lower seeds play against big schools/higher seeds and lose. And they usually lose big. Or at least the likelihood of a That’s not exciting.

But what I saw Monday was exactly what I wanted. It was what I wanted then, and it’s what I want for college football.

I had almost convinced myself that the Butlers of the world would ruin my quest for a playoff in college football. Not anymore. With the stories that can be developed during an 8 or 16 team tournament for college football – everyone is bound to find themselves a new team (if their school isn’t in the hunt) by the time the championship game is up.

So, I feel released from my bonds of worry about low seeds and small schools. Just keep it close, and all is right with the world.

That is, all will be right when I get my college football playoff.


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