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Elliot vs. CDR

Last night via twitter two of the station hosts Dan Wolken and Chris Vernon had a gentleman’s debate over CDR vs Elliot Williams. I don’t know who won because the grounds of the discussion changed a few times. But it did revolve around Elliot vs CDR – so I felt the need to chime in with unbiased research. This may be the only time I will ever try to be unbiased.

Comparison of sophomore years at Memphis:

Points per game: Elliot – 18, CDR – 15.5
Rebounds per game: Elliot – 4, CDR – 3.5
Assists per game: Elliot – 4, CDR – 2
Steals per game: Elliot – 0.1, CDR – 0.5
Minutes per game: Elliot – 33, CDR – 27
FG %: Elliot – 46%, CDR – 54%
Free throw %: Elliot – 76%, CDR – 73%
FG attempts: Elliot – 388, CDR – 357
Three attempts: Elliot – 164, CDR – 58.
Turnovers per game: Elliot – 3, CDR – 2.
Team Success: Elliot – NIT 2nd round, CDR – Elite 8.

Clearly the stat that means the most is where you end up at the end of the year, but I have seen teams overachieve…(cough, cough) Butler.

After looking at all these I decided to change a couple things: Give CDR those 6 more minutes and on the scale of ppg his numbers would jump to 18.9 – one point higher than Elliots. Rebounds would jump to 4.2, and assists would jump to 2.4. So basically identical numbers when you factor in the turnovers which makes the three big stats a moot point.

The stat that is misleading is the FG %. CDR shot 54% from the field as a sophomore, which is amazing, Elliot shot 46 %. But given that CDR only took 58 three’s and Elliot took 164 – you can use that stat either way.

But that’s my look at it. Not including rosters or any other things that people will bring up.

Have a bless-ed day.


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