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Tim Tebow Goes to Denver?

The Denver Broncos shocked the world (or maybe not) by taking Florida QB Tim Tebow with the twenty-fifth overall pick. Pretty wild stuff, considering that both Jimmy Clausen and Colt McCoy were still on the board. (And still are, as of Friday morning.)

With this selection, I believe Josh McDaniels has immediate plans for Tim Tebow. Even with inconsistent play throughout his career, Kyle Orton had a good year with 3800 yards, 21 TDs, & 12 INTs for the Broncos, who went 8-8 last year.

If the Broncos would have been considering an upgrade or at least a competition for their QB spot in the next few (<3) years, I would imagine that Clausen or McCoy would have been the choice. Seems to me that with this pick, the Broncos are happy with Kyle Orton as their QB for sometime, and that Tim Tebow will be used in probably his most effective role: a specialist.

And that’s something that the NFL hasn’t had before at the QB position. The NFL has now had it’s first and second down backs, then always referred to their Marion Barbers for 3rd down, or end-of-career Jerome Bettises for short yardage.

But now, a short-yardage/red zone QB specialist? And I believe the Broncos will use him in this role right away – you can’t keep your new poster boy on the sidelines.

But, the most interesting thing about this new ‘specialist QB’ role is, if it works for Denver, will more and more teams look to play this way? Is Tim Tebow possibly a Julius Erving of the NFL? Someone who changes the way the game is played?

Last night, we might have first seen the change in how you play in the NFL.


April 23, 2010 - Posted by | NFL

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