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Mike Brown. Ugh.

Watching the Cavs/Celtics Monday night, I was once again vindicated in my belief that Mike Brown is the Les Miles of the NBA.

Total. Doofus.

I have held this position for about three years now. That in spite of having the best player in the NBA, Mike Brown finds ways to screw it all up. Ask Eric Hasseltine or Jon Roser about how many times I have killed Mike Brown’s inability to know when to call a timeout and stop a run. Has to be in the hundreds. Dude has no concept of momentum changes.

Or how when Cleveland comes out of dead ball situations or quarter breaks: they walk the ball up. Wait, what? YOU HAVE A GAZELLE PLAYING SMALL FORWARD, AND YOU WALK THE BALL UP?

I understand that Shaquille O’Neal isn’t going run the floor. So, you can either sit him, or have him trail in case LeBron decides not to jump over Nate Robinson. (Hey Mike, did you catch that trailer dunk that Shaq had in Game 1? Yeah – that’s what you need to do. Maybe try that again.)

Bill Simmons (a Celtics fan) has spent this series thanking Mike Brown for not playing his best lineup:

8:57pm, May 3 from web
I’d like to thank Mike Brown once again for refusing to play the Hickson-Jamison-LBJ-West-Mo quintet. Seriously, thank you.

Here’s Eriin (a Cavs fan):

11:00pm, May 3 from UberTwitter
RT Final thought #1: Mike Brown. Your team was not ready (twice). That’s on you. Make us believe. It’s time to “wow” us. I’m deadly serious.
Eriin ain’t happy, and I’m not either, as I watch what could possibly be another year of LeBron James’ career ruined. I’ve been all up and down Twitter tonight, and I’m not alone. Just Twitter search for Mike Brown, and you’ll see too.
Why the viewing public sees this travesty of a coach and yet the NBA and Cavaliers basketball people can’t see it is a mystery to me. But, with recent trends, thankfully, Mike Brown’s days are presumably numbered. Check this out:
Remember how Mike Brown inexplicably won NBA COY in ’09? Yeah, pretty terrible. Well, the previous 3 COYs?
Avery Johnson.
Sam Mitchell.
Bryon Scott.
Nope. Not one is currently active as a coach. That’s pretty wild.
And if Mike Brown doesn’t get this series and his team under control, he’ll be next.

May 3, 2010 - Posted by | NBA

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