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The 2010 Dan Wolken Show NBA Mock Draft

For the past two summers, I’ve heard you all talk about how the Grizzlies disappoint you when it comes to the NBA Draft. Think you know how to draft in the NBA? Could you be a GM?

Here’s your audition tape. Make of it what you will. The Dan Wolken Show will turn the decision making table your way as YOU will represent the franchises of your choice in our own Mock Draft.

Starting at 11 o’clock on Tuesday, The Dan Wolken Show will conduct a two-day first round mock draft, and you are the GM of your team.

To get involved – send me an email (harry.long@730foxsports.com) and give me the following:
1) Your Name
2) Your email
3) Your phone #
4) 3 teams that you would want to represent in the Mock Draft

First emails select their team first, and I’ll take the top remaining team of your preferred three. And if a team has multiple picks (Memphis, Minnesota…), you will select that many times for that franchise.

We’ll conduct the draft in real time, and we’ll call you when your team is about to be up to draft.

So, if you think you know how to put an NBA team together – here is your shot. Send in those emails, harry.long@730foxsports.com.

Good luck.


June 21, 2010 - Posted by | NBA

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