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(special contribution from listener Kevin B.)

Rudy Gay is not LeBron James, is he?

Chances are if LeBron James signs with one of the franchises soliciting for his services except for his current team, the Cleveland Cavaliers, him and Memphis Grizzlies forward Rudy Gay will probably be taking home the same amount of money from basketball annually. On Thursday July 1st, the first official day of Free Agency, the Grizzlies offered a 5 year $82 million dollar contract to the 6’8” swingman, who was reported to be the second most sought after Small Forward after James. Rudy accepted this offer before ever visiting with any of the other teams interested in the potential superstar.

All reports from those who are familiar with the NBA Salary Cap state that if LeBron James decides to sign with anyone other then the Cleveland Cavaliers in addition to joining forces with another top free agent or two, that he will be taking home $16 million dollars a year annually or less. When broken down this is actually short of what the Grizzlies are paying for the services of Rudy Gay, who if they signed him last summer could have saved about $17 Million dollars over the same 5 year period. So why did the hometown Memphis Grizzlies decide to pay so much for Rudy without allowing him to test the Free Agent waters? Why did they not sign him last summer if they were going to spend even more one year later. Seems as though no one can come up with a logical answer, maybe you can.


July 2, 2010 - Posted by | Grizzlies, NBA

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