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The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly Fallout From The King’s Choice

The Good:
The 2010 – 2011 NBA Basketball season will be must watch, night in and night out for some franchises. Following Thursday night’s decision by LeBron James you can now add the Miami Heat to that list. Fans will either watch to see an amazing trio of players plus two take the court creating some magic on South Beach or they will watch in disgust only wishing that the Heat get the other teams best effort hopefully ending in a loss. Regardless to the reasoning, people will be inevitably be tuned in this season, making NBA executives, team owners, corporate sponsors, and others who benefit from the success of the league very happy.

The Bad:
Now that LeBron James has officially departed from Cleveland, Ohio the NBA has another bottom feeder team in the Cavs. Low box office numbers, very few nationally televised games, and a almost guaranteed decline in corporate sponsorship is surely in the future for the franchise that seemed to put all their stock in a singular player. LeBron saw the writing on the wall as all the other teams bulked up through free agency and trades. It wasn’t that the Cavs didn’t try to make changes to the roster. No one wanted to join the “King” on the franchise that is thought to be cursed, so he bolted. In his own words “I didn’t want to be 5 years down the road, 30 years old, banged up body, and no championship rings”. In his dust he leaves a franchise and a entire city in peril and there is no telling whether or not they will ever recover. If we were all honest, without LeBron James the Cleveland Cavaliers are The Memphis Grizzlies and even that might be giving the Cavs too much credit.

Tired of burning lakes, Clevelanders now burn jerseys.

The Ugly:
Apparently LeBron James has ticked off Cavaliers team owner Dan Gilbert and he isn’t gonna take it one second longer. He lays into LeBron pretty good in an open letter to Cavaliers fans that was displayed on their official website minutes after LeBron made his decision to leave for Miami. In this page long monologue he questions LeBron’s loyalty, vows success of the franchise to the city, and promises to release more details regarding the courtship of Mr. James. While some of me can’t wait to see what info he has to share another part of me shakes my head in disgust. Nothing good can come from this. NBA players, coaches, and other employees are a very small group of people. They depend on each other when making decisions on where to work, whether on the court or in the front office. These actions by Gilbert only make the franchise less attractive to those deciding whether to join the team or not and he will soon be regretting this raw display of emotion. If he was smart he would stop now.


July 12, 2010 - Posted by | NBA

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