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Andre Ware Recap

Andre Ware, ESPN SEC Color Commentator and former University of Houston quarterback, stopped by Radio Row at SEC Media Day to chat the Chris Vernon Show.

Ware who was the recipient of the 1989 Heisman Trophy Award, shared his thoughts on the Reggie Bush Heisman situation, his experiences with agents and agent’s runners, as well as his passion for the game of golf.

1989 Heisman Trophy Winner and ESPN Commentator Andre Ware Visits The Chris Vernon Show At SEC Media Day (Click Here For Audio)

When asked whether or not he would return his Heisman Trophy if he was Reggie Bush, he responded with an immediate “No you don’t give it back, you earned it on the field, and if your the Trust (Heisman Committee) you don’t call for it to be returned”. Acknowledging that as a Heisman Trophy voter he did vote for Reggie in 2005 and felt as though he did then and still does deserve it now. Hopefully the rest of his Heisman committee partners feel the same way as they are trying to decide if they will request that Bush send back the trophy given to the top collegiate football player annually. Bush’s Alma Mater, USC, has already beat him to the punch sending back their replica of the 2005 trophy after being beat down by the NCAA following their investigation of the school during Reggie Bush’s stay.

Ware also touched on the hot topic of the day, being the relationships between Professional Agents and Student Athletes. He acknowledged their existance on college campus but feels that the coaches and universities must start holding the athletes responsible for their actions and stop blaming only the agents.

Ware states “As coaches get ticked off with agents and runners for agents, how about a little disappointment in the players as well, and have I done a good enough job as a coach of telling the player that you can wait on these things. Those things are gonna be there, why rush it, why put all of this at stake? These are guys that you sweat with, bleed with, why would you put yourself above them for just a little bit of satisfaction that if you just wait for 4 months, 6 months, your gonna have all this stuff anyway”

During his interview he reveals that their was a situation in 1989 where he actually turned a agent in for providing inproper benefits to his mother.

Andre Ware’s Interview and More Can Be Heard Here (Click Here For Audio)


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