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Keep Your Friends Close and Your Enemies Closer

Los Angeles Laker Kobe Bryant has been putting in double time this summer. On the court I think its safe to assume that Bryant has been up to his usual grueling workouts; long hours in the gym, long hours in the weight room, thousands of shots made, multiple hours of film study. All to improve on his already superior game. Off the court Bryant has been playing the role of General Manager and Recruiter, trying to stock pile free agents under the radar, preparing for what seems to be an inevitable Best of 7 meeting with the new Miami Heat in June of 2011, as he trys to get his 6th NBA Championship.

 As he did last summer, participating in the recruitment of forward Ron Artest, Bryant put on court annomosity aside as he tried to get long time foes, guard Raja Bell and Matt Barnes, to sign with the Lakers this off season. Though the deal with Bell fell through, the Lakers were able to get Barnes. All three players mentioned above have made a name for themselves fearlessly defending Kobe, with many of the bouts ending in chest to chest meeting with the All Star guard.

 I guess you can say Kobe was testing them out and will now depend on them as he trys to hold off the young and talented trio of players recently assembled in Miami.

The Lakers have also signed NBA veterans Theo Ratliff and Steve Blake this off season.

Though the 2010 – 2011 NBA scheduled has not been released I think it is safe to say that we will see a match up, with the new look Lakers and Heat, for the first time on Thanksgiving or Christmas of 2010.


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