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1986 Miami Hurricanes Top Sports Illustrated’s Top 25 Most Hated Teams List

Sport Illustrated released a listing of their Top 25 Most Hated Teams In Sports History yesterday and it has created some great conversation. Since reviewing this post I have offered up the question to friends, family, random people I talk about sports with, and the topic came up again today during The Chris Vernon Show. I find it absolutely hilarious to see the pinned up annomosity fans (including myself) have developed for certain teams and players that just the thought drives them to near depression. One interesting thing I observed during my discussions with all these people is that everyones answers were different, not one single person that I spoke with gave me the same answer as anyone I had spoken with prior. Another interesting thing that I noticed is that the hatred is generally geographically based in regards to the hated team, the time when the hatred was developed or intensified, or the sport or competition level the hatred can be associated with. For example; people I questioned that resided in the North, East or West portions of the United States generally disliked a professional sports team or franchise. While people I questioned that had spent a sugnificant amount of time in the South generally has a dislike for a rival state school or institution. Pretty interesting stuff huh?

As I mentioned above we went around the room during The Chris Vernon Show and shared our personal “Most Hated Teams” (listed below)

Chris Vernon (730 Fox Sports) – Utah Jazz (Karl Malone and John Stockton)
Eric Hasseltine (Memphis Grizzlies Radio Play By Play Announcer) – 1995 UCLA Bruins
Jon Roser (730 Fox Sports) – 2001 Duke University Blue Devils
Kevin Brumfield II (730 Fox Sports) – 1988 – 1989 Detroit Pistons

Give us your feedback and let us know what team would make #1 on your “Most Hated” list


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