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Vaccaro Sheds Some Much Needed Light On The Grizzlies vs: Xavier Henry Saga

I guess they don’t call Sonny Vaccaro the “Godfather of Grassroots Basketball” for nothing. This guy knows everything and everyone; and he surely proved it once again during his weekly visit to “The Chris Vernon Show” today. During his interview Vaccaro educated us all on exactly what was going on between the Memphis Grizzlies and their First Round Draft Pick Xavier Henry.  . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Just when you think you have it all figured out, you realize that you know absolutely NOTHING, which is equally disturbing and refreshing at the same time. For the past 3 days Grizzlies fans have rightfully been in a uproar, lead by Verno and other media members who follow behind him about the stance Grizzlies ownership and management have decided to take by not offering their #12 Pick from the 2010 NBA Draft a customary 20% pay increase over his alotted salary. While many of us read into this story and just automatically assumed it was a matter of the Grizzlies not wanting to pay Henry in full for his services, Vaccaro adds another wrinkle to the fabric which makes it a little tougher to make a judgement on which side your with.

What Vaccaro has to say is not guaranteed to change your mind on the situation but it does give all listeners who care, something else to consider before making another arguement in favor of either party. Along with speaking on the Memphis Grizzlies vs: Xavier Henry Saga, Vaccaro also hit on possible NCAA eligibility rule changes and the future of current University of Memphis Tiger Will Barton. Audio of the interview can be heard below or on “The Chris Vernon Show” iTunes Podcast (click here for link to iTunes Podcast).

Click Here To Hear Audio From Sonny Vaccaro’s August 19th Visit To The Chris Vernon Show (Click Here)


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