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The Lane Kiffin/ USC Era (Year or So) Kicked Off Yesterday

I hate to admit this but I drink the Lane Kiffin Kool-Aid with every new job he takes. When he went to the Raiders I was fired up at the thoughts of what he could do with that team, WRONG, but I justified the whole thing by thinking who could be good with The Crypt Keeper (Al Davis) looking over your shoulder. When he got the job in Knoxville (University of Tennessee) I thought that was a move in the right direction also. After the dismissal of Phillip Fulmer the Vols needed a young, aggressive coach who could recruit. Kiffin was all of the above and sweetened the deal by bringing his defensive guru dad, Monte Kiffin, to tighten up Tennessee’s already established standout defense. We all know how that worked out, but even with his reputation for pulling off the 1 & done and pushing the limit when it comes to recruiting , I can’t say that I could be more excited about what he could do at USC.

The Trojans went into this season knowing they were under scrutiny. Their scholarship numbers have been depleted, they have no chance of going to a bowl game, and many of their top players bolted for other schools once the probation came down. Yet I feel as though this will be an amazing season for Coach Kiffin and the University of Southern California. Even with all the controversy Kiffin and staff have managed to compile a team worthy of a #14 Ranking at seasons open. Not many members of the media have even been willing to write them off as a contender for either the Pac 10 or National Championship title (though they will not be able to play in a bowl game). That says a lot about USC, the players they already had enrolled, the players they recruited, and the strong tradition that is USC Football.

Watching the Trojans last night in their 2010 season debut win against Hawaii, they looked strong, they looked determined, and they looked pissed off. Possibly playing with a little chip on their shoulders. Though they only won by 13 they dominated the game on all levels and at every position through 3 quarters, giving up 2 touchdowns late on the last 2 drive of the game by Hawaii. To make a prediction as to how this all will turn out for USC and Coach Kiffin would be silly but maybe this is exactly what Coach Kiffin needed to settle down and stay a while in one place. STAY TUNED


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