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Let The Boise State Love Fest Begin . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

One day after beating the #10 ranked Virginia Tech Hookies on a neutral field (not so neutral) the Boise State Broncos “Love Fest” has begun. They were the dominating topic of discussion on Twitter last night, the highlights from their 1st game of 2010 was all over SportsCenter this morning, and disputes on just how good they are has been the focal point of most sports talk radio shows today.

Unlike years past  this just might be the year of the Bronco. Season after season the Boise, Idaho based team has gained more and more national notoriety losing a total of just 4 games over the last 4 years and finishing 2 of those seasons undefeated. Unfortunately the teams that finished ahead of them were larger universities who competed in bigger conferences and often with even 1 loss on their record were voted higher by the Associated Press. This year might give the exact same result but there are a couple factors that play into Boise State’s favor.

1. Pre-Season Rankings:

Boise State has started off their 2010 campaign ranked #3 in the country by the Associated Press. This leaves them with only 2 teams (Ohio State and Alabama) to overcome to gain one of the two top spots for a shot at the National Championship. In previous seasons the Broncos had a handful of teams to overcome based off of Pre-Season rankings just to crack the Top 10 or Top 25. That fact plus the thought of them playing inferior competition has never played into their favor when voters were deciding who would match up against each other to decide a National Champ.

2. Strength Of Schedule:

Due to the lack of strong competition in Boise State’s conference (WAC) the team has somewhat been forced to schedule some of the toughest Non-Conference opponents who are willing to play them which is not as easy as it sounds. because of Boise State’s talent level and past success many teams don’t care to play them in the normal home and home format or on a neutral field. Leaving them only a handful of BCS Conference opponents to chose from. This often left them playing only 1 ranked opponent if any at all before the bowl game selections were made and not a single team ranked higher then #12 (Oregon – 2008). This year however team administrators have managed to schedule 2 games with teams ranked in the AP Pre-Season Top 25, (Virginia Tech #10 and Oregon State #24) which if both of those teams finish strong and Boise State goes 12 – 0 they should have just as good a chance as anyone else to play for a National Championship.

Earlier today writers apart of the Associated Press only furthered the chances that Boise State just might get the opportunity to make its debut in the National Championship game, giving them 7 first place votes which now leaves them only 13 points behind #2 Ohio State. Stay Tuned


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