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On This Day In Sports: Jack Dempsey and Gene Tunney Fought For The Heavyweight Championship



Photo From "The Long Count Fight". Gene Tunney Is Down On The Canvas As The Referree Provides A Count. Tunney Has Been Scientifically Proven To Have Been Down For 13 Seconds After Jack Dempsey's Knockdown, Which Would Have Given Dempsey The World Championship Back.

On this day in sports: September 22, 2010 Heavyweight Champion of the World Gene Tunney and former Heavyweight Champion Jack Dempsey fought for the 2nd time in a year for the Heavyweight Title. The bout which later became dubbed “The Long Count Fight” saw Jack Dempsey defeated for the 2nd time by unanimous decision in front of 104,000 spectators. The match became called “The Long Count Fight” after much controversy surrounding the referee’s count following Jack Dempsey’s seventh round knockdown of Tunney. According to records, the referee’s long count which has been proven to last for 13 seconds (a TKO is a 10 second count), gave Tunney enough time to regain his bearings. He and Dempsey fought for 3 more rounds with the judges deciding the winner. “The Long Count Fight” was Dempsey’s last professional fight of his career and netted entertainment’s (sport’s) first ever $2 Million+ (plus) day in ticket sales.


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