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On This Day In Sports: The World Series Is Broadcast On The Radio For The First Time


Ticket From Game 1 Of The 1921 World Series Betwen The New York Giants and New York Yankees. Game 1 Of The 1921 World Series, Which Took Place On October 5, 1921, Was The First To Ever Be Broadcast On Radio.


On this day in sports: October 5, 1921 the World Series featuring National League Champs New York Giants versus the American League Champs New York Yankees was broadcast via radio for the first time ever. The game, held at the New York Polo Grounds IV, was won by the Yankees who later lost the series 5 games to 3 to the Giants. In 1921 technology was a little pre-historic and the game was only able to be heard over 3 stations; KDKA from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, WBZ from Springfield, Massachusetts, and WJZ from Newark, New Jersey. Listeners of KDKA heard the game live from the Polo Grounds announced by sportswriter Grantland Rice, while fans listeners of WBZ and WJZ were subject to a broadcast from announcer Thomas Cowan, who recreated the games events from phoned in reports received from the Polo Grounds. 

Above is a ticket from Game 1 of the series which was held on October 5, 1921. 89 years later, with the MLB Playoffs beginning tomorrow, fans might have a chance to see and hear a rematch of this series, via television, radio, internet, etc. if the current New York Yankees and San Fransisco Giants win their individual leagues pennants.


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  1. the yankees should have won

    Comment by seth dewerff | February 8, 2018 | Reply

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