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Is The End In Sight? BCS System Opposers Attempt To Get The Law On Their Side

In the late 1920’s and early 1930’s American Gangster Alphonse Gabriel “Al” Capone made his historic rise to fame as one of the underworld bosses in the great City of Chicago. Capone and his gang, known as the Chicago Outfit, had their hands in almost every form of legal and illegal business but made a major portion of their fortune in gambling, prostitution, and the prohibited sale of alcohol. For years, Capone made millions with no interference from local law enforcement, who he often paid off or blackmailed for cooperation. It wasn’t until pictures of a mass murder ordered by Capone on a rival gang, dubbed the Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre made headlines of local and national newspapers, sparking mass anger and fear from the public and government alike. In 1929 multiple government agencies entered into investigations attempting to find something that would put Capone out of business. 2 years of very intense poking and prodding  gave the government nothing of substance that Capone could be convicted on. It wasn’t until IRS agent Frank Wilson and his team completed their questioning of Capone’s accountant’s and bookkeeper’s did they have anything solid that could put the mob boss away. In 1931 Capone was indicted on charges of Income Tax Evasion and violation of the Volstead Act, which he was later found guilty of and sentenced to 11 years in Federal Prison. The IRS finding along with the repeal of prohibition in 1933 put Capone and many other gangsters out of business restoring justice and power in society.

Similar to the story above the IRS has forever been the downfall of many powerful individuals and organizations in American history. If Matt Sanderson and supporters of his website PlayoffPac.com have their way, they would like to see it (the IRS) bring an end to the BCS (Bowl Championship Series) as we currently know it.

For the past couple of years sports fans, some university representatives, and government officials have been up in arms about the BCS, how it is operated, and how it controls the outcome of our college football championship, petitioning for a more competitive playoff system where a true champion is crowned based upon on field play and not the result of computer calculations. Schools that have been left out of the deciding games have cried fool, calling the system unfair to smaller schools that are not apart of the BCS, even our current President, Barrack Obama, has chimed in stating that “we should be creating a playoff system”. Unfortunately, while most see it as a major issue, there are plenty of people who benefit greatly from the Bowl Championship Series being in place. Schools take home major coin to participate in BCS games, the sponsors of the games get major exposure from television networks and the schools playing, and the organizers gets huge paydays to put these games together year after year. So of course past complaints about how unfair the system is and how there needs to be change has fallen on deaf ears.

Fast forward to September 23, 2010, a pro playoff system political committee founded by Matt Sanderson known as the Playoff Pac filed a 27 page IRS complaint against the BCS Bowls and its organizers. The complaint, which list significant tax irregularities discovered through a methodical review of over 2,300 pages of tax records and public documents, might be the best opportunity that those who oppose the BCS have in seeing any change in the system or it completely done away with. On Friday September 25, 2010 PlayoffPac.com’s founder visited the Dan Patrick show to explain the complaint, exactly what is included in it, and what this complaint could mean for the future of college football. Click here to hear Matt Sanderson’s interview on the Dan Patrick’s Show.

Click Here To Hear Audio From Matt Sanderson’s September 25th Interview On The Dan Patrick Show (Click Here)

A couple of other sports personalities visited the Chris Vernon Show a couple of weeks ago and gave their opinions of the issues with the NCAA, the BCS, and what is being done by PlayoffPac.com.

CBS College Sports Analyst Spencer Tillman visits the Chris Vernon Show September 21, 2010 (Click Here For Link)

The Godfather of Grassroots Basketball Sonny Vaccaro visits the Chris Vernon Show (Click Here For Link)


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