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2010 – 2011 NBA Preview

To say I’m excited about what the 2010 – 2011 NBA Season has to offer would be a huge understatement.

Kobe Bryant Celebrating His 5th NBA Championship With The LA Lakers In June 2010

Following the corrination of the Los Angeles Lakers as 2010 World Champions the NBA has had non-stop media coverage this summer that rivaled that which is only reserved for the NFL. From the draft of one of the deepest rookie classes to enter the league to Free Agency 2010, from Free Agency 2010 to “Decision 2010”, from “Decision 2010” to NBA Summer League, from NBA Summer League to the FIBA World Basketball Championship, from FIBA to the start of NBA Training Camp and Pre-Season Basketball, and from all of that to where we now find ourselves. Less then 1 hours from tip-off of this years version of the NBA.

 So many unanswered questions, so many possible moves that can still be made, so much balanced competition on both sides of the league (finally). Luckily most speculation will begin to disappear over the next couple days as teams will begin to show signs of what they are and what they aren’t in regular season action.

The NBA Opening Night Line-Up Includes:

Miami Heat at Boston Celtics: 6:30PM (CST) – TNT

Phoenix Suns at Portland Trailblazers: 9:00PM (CST) – NBA TV

Houston Rockets at Los Angeles Lakers: 9:30PM (CST) – TNT

Though we are no experts, me and Jon Roser sat down and compiled this listing of who we think will secure some personal and team hardware during this 2010 – 2011 NBA Season. Some things we agreed on and some other things we don’t quite see eye to eye on but as I had to remind myself, Roser was dropped on his head as a kid so it is not his fault, LOL. Feel free to chime in and let us know what you think about our 2010 – 2011 NBA picks. ENJOY

2010 – 2011 NBA Season Predictions:

Most Valuable Player

Jon Roser:

Winner – Kevin Duran: because a lot of the media hates LeBron

 Runner Up – LeBron James: because a lot of the media hates him

 Kevin Brumfield:

Winner – Dwight Howard: he spent the summer with Hakeem Olajuwon and finally has a decent offensive game to go with his unstoppable defense. This is definitely his year and if his team can ever perform up to expectations they actually might challenge for a NBA Championship or at least a Eastern Conference Title for the 2nd time in 3 years

 Runner Up – Kevin Durant: Though he will show improvements in all phases of his game unfortunately his team won’t which will cause him to barely miss his chance at the award again.

Defensive Player of the Year

Jon Roser:

Winner – Rajon Rondo:  just because everybody else is picking Dwight Howard

 Kevin Brumfield:

Winner – Joakim Noah: Defensive Guru Tom Thibodeau is now his Head Coach and he is playing next to Carlos Boozer which should help down low.

Leading Scorer

Jon Roser

Winner – Kevin Durant: he averaged 30ppg last season. I think he’ll average 32 or 33 this season

Runner Up – Amar’e Stoudemire: He might average 30ppg this season playing for D’Antoni in New York

 Kevin Brumfield

Winner – Kevin Durant: Dude can straight fill it up and he got better over the summer as leader of TEAM USA.

 Runner Up: Carmelo Anthony: next year is a contract year for Melo and he is trying to get out of Denver next year if not before the end of the trade deadline, basically meaning he will be playing with absolutely no conscious.

Rookie of the Year

Jon Roser

Winner – John Wall 

 Runner Up – Blake Griffin

 Kevin Brumfield

 Winner – DeMarcus Cousins

Runner Up – John Wall

– Best Player Per Position

Jon Roser

  1. A.      PG – Chris Paul: ask me at the end of the year and I might tell you Derrick Rose
  2. B.      SG – Kobe Bryant: if Kobe shows he’s declining this year, it could be D-Wade
  3. C.      SF – LeBron James – still say he’s better than Durant despite my MVP prediction
  4. D.      PF – Dirk Nowitzki – he’s better than Pau. I don’t care what GM’s say
  5. E.       C – Dwight Howard – who else is there?

 Kevin Brumfield

  1. A.      PG – Derrick Rose
  2. B.      SG – Dwyane Wade
  3. C.      SF – Kevin Durant
  4. D.      PF – Tim Duncan/ Amare Stoudamire: I can’t choose
  5. E.       C – Dwight Howard


–  Most Improved Player

Jon Roser

Winner – Stephen Curry: I really think this guy might average 25ppg this season

 Runner Up – Eric Gordon

 Kevin Brumfield

Winner – Dwight Howard: He probably won’t get the award because I think he will win the MVP but he will show the most improvement

Runner Up – Derrick Rose: Because Dwight Howard will likely win the MVP, Rose might walk away with the MIP by default. Though he was already great, he has shown improvement to his team management, shooting, and on ball defense with Team USA and during the 2010 Pre-season. Now that he has a decent team around him and elite coaching chances are the sky is the limit for the youngster.

– Most Overrated Player

Jon Roser

Winner – Kevin Martin

 Kevin Brumfield

Winner – Rodney Stuckey

–  Most Underrated Player

Jon Roser

 Winner – Omri Casspi

 Kevin Brumfield

Winner – Hedo Turkoglu

–  Most Disappointing Team

Jon Roser

Winner – LA Clippers: Despite picking Griffin to win ROY and Eric Gordon as runner-up in MIP, the Clippers will disappoint. They will go as Baron Davis goes and ask yourself this question: Do you really expect Baron Davis to listen to Vinny Del Negro?????

Kevin Brumfield

Winner – Denver Nuggets: If Melo gets traded the sky will begin to fall in Denver.

– Best Off Season Move

Jon Roser

Winner – LeBron James: Do I really need to say why?

Kevin Brumfield

Winner – Los Angeles Lakers: Sure the Miami Heat got 3 of the Top Free Agents of 2010 but did they really construct a good team or are they simply compiling 3 great individual players and a bunch of role guys to fill spots. The Lakers on the other hand picked up some really good role players to add to their already superb roster that answer some of the questions regarding their team and makes them even better than they were last year.  

 – Western Conference Champs

Jon Roser

Winner – LA Lakers

Runner Up – Dallas Mavericks

Kevin Brumfield

Winner – La Lakers

Runner Up – San Antonio Spurs

Eastern Conference Champs

Jon Roser

Winner – Boston Celtics

Runner Up – Miami Heat

Kevin Brumfield

Winner – Boston Celtic

 Runner Up – Chicago Bulls

 – 2011 NBA Champions

Jon Roser

Winner – Boston Celtics

Kevin Brumfield

 Winner – I Really Don’t Know, I Love Both The Lakers and Celtics

 – At The End of the Season Carmelo Anthony Will Be Playing Where?

Jon Roser

NY Knicks – everything you read says New Jersey has the best chance to get this deal done. For some reason, I think Donnie Walsh will get this done for the Knicks.

Kevin Brumfield

Chicago Bulls – maybe this is just what I am hoping because they have a better chance than the Knicks at beating the Heat, but if not the Bulls then definitely the New York Knicks.

– Unexpected NBA Trade/ Firing/ or Hiring

Jon Roser

Monta Ellis gets traded from Golden State. This is going to be Stephen Curry’s team sooner than later and I don’t think Ellis will be happy with that.

Kevin Brumfield

Eric Spolestra will underachieve and Pat Riley will fire him prematurely. This will help turn the team around but not enough to make it to the Championship.


–  Team That Will Surprise Everyone

Jon Roser

Memphis Grizzlies. I have them winning over 50 games. I’m pretty sure that would surprise everyone.

Kevin Brumfield

Houston Rockets. They will be better than expected


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