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On This Day In Sports: Barry Bonds Becomes The 1st Player To Win 5 MLB MVP Titles

On this day in sports: November 11, 2002 San Fransisco Giants slugger Barry Bonds was awarded his 5th Major League Baseball Most Valuable Player Trophy. The 2002 award was his 2nd of 4 in a row (he also won in 2003 and 2004) and pushed his record of most all time (7) even more out of reach of players coming after him. Widely debated as the greatest player to ever play the game of baseball, Barry disappeared from the majors following the 2007 season. At the completion of that year Barry was a free agent, his team the San Fransisco Giants did not offer to re-sign him and he was not offered any short or long-term contracts by any other franchise. Many at the time believed that this was either an act of collusion or the teams just didn’t care to have Barry Bonds and the things that came along with him on their team. Either way at this point it is highly doubtful that Bonds will ever play the game of baseball again, meaning he will be eligible for the Hall of Fame in 2013. Due to past links to Bonds and steroids some doubt whether or not he will be voted in by baseball writers, but if based off of pure performance there is absolutely no way that they can keep him out (Click Here For A Listing Of All Of Barry Bonds Career Accomplishments)


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