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Who Is Having The Worst Week In Sports? Wade Phillips, Cam and Cecil Newton, or Eric Spolstra (Poll Below)

It happens every week, some figure in sports (player, coach, management, team employee, etc) under performs, says something controversial, or does something silly enough to control the headlines on your favorite telecast, radio show, newspaper, or blog for the entire week. A couple years ago before Twitter, iTunes podcast, and the explosion of sports websites some of these issues were easily dispelled, forgotten, and often went unreported but not anymore. Day after day we are bombarded with more information then we need, which often shapes our opinions on these figures in the most negative light possible.

Neither agreeing or disagreeing with reports, I took this listing of sports figures I thought might be having the worst week, gathered the most relevant information on each situation, and put it all together here for you all to decide WHO IS REALLY HAVING THE WORST WEEK IN SPORTS?

Cam and Cecil Newton (Auburn Football) – As Auburn’s 2010 football team piles up win after win continuing to tear through the very tough SEC the news continues to get worse for Cam and his father Cecil Newton. Though nothing has stuck to this point and one can assume that for every true story that surfaces some rogue reporter doctors up a false one to get his/her name out there, the men in the middle of it all Kenny Rogers and John Bond have come out of hiding. Both have completed media interviews and have assisted the FBI and NCAA officials in their investigations of the claims that the Newton’s were attempting to sell Cam’s services for $100,000.00 – $180,000.00. If there is any truth to any of this chances are Cam could end up missing the rest of his amateur eligibility.

Erik Spoelstra (Miami Heat) – If Coach Spoelstra had his lineup from last year starting 5 and 4 wouldn’t be such a big deal, unfortunately for him team management re-signed guard Dwyane Wade and added 2 other superstars in LeBron James and Chris Bosh to the squad. The addition of the new bulk has set heavy expectations on the shoulders of the young coach. Through 9 games the Heat have lost 4, on one occasion blowing a 19 point lead against a less talented Utah Jazz  team and losing a second home game in a row two days later to the elder Boston Celtics. Many media members speculated on just how close of an eye Team President and long time NBA Head Coach Pat Riley would be keeping on Spoelstra. Prior to his Miami Heat claiming the 2006 NBA Championship Riley kindly pushed then Head Coach Stan Van Gundy out the door after he underperformed with the championship level team. Riley was hands off as many questioned just how long of a leash he would provide for Spoelstra at the beginning of the season, but as the Heat continue to struggle one has to wonder just how much longer Riley will sit back and watch his Dream Team go down.

 Wade Phillips (Dallas Cowboys) – Pretty self explanatory, Phillips lost his job following the Cowboys loss Sunday night to the Green Bay Packers. The Cowboys who started off the season with Super Bowl expectations are 1 – 7 and just trying to make the best of the remaining 8 games while Ex-Coach Phillips tries to figure out what to do with all of his new-found free time.



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