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Pierre Henderson Niles Opens Up About Career At Memphis In An Open Letter To Fans: From MemphisRoar.com

There is a new (new to me) authority in town when it comes to everything University of Memphis Tigers. For the past couple of weeks, via twitter and their very impressive website www.MemphisRoar.com, I have been able to keep up with all the happenings surrounding the legitimate University of Memphis athletic programs (basketball). From injury updates to game previews, from recruiting news to very exclusive content like the above mentioned, www.MemphisRoar.com is now the place to go if you want to know the real deal surrounding the University of Memphis and its athletics.

Attached below is an open letter written by former University of Memphis forward Pierre Henderson – Niles that was provided exclusively to www.MemphisRoar.com. Knowing “P”, I have some doubt that he penned this open letter himself (thats an opinion before someone pegs it as hating), but never the less it shows a side of the often troubled basketball player from the City of Memphis that few rarely if ever saw during his playing days at Ridgeway High School and the University of Memphis. Allow this to serve as just a little preview of what fans can expect from the website/ fan forum. Enjoy

What’s up Tigers fans? This is Pierre Henderson-Niles, and I have to get this off my chest. Coming out of high school I always knew I wanted to be a Tiger and stay home. I wanted to play for Coach Cal because I used to go to the practices and loved what I saw, and he made me feel comfortable.

My freshmen year, I hurt my knee and it kind of set me back. I really didn’t get to have a great college career liked I planned. I really didn’t play too much the first two years I was there, but my last two I played a lot more. I only wish I had my body in better shape when Derrick Rose was there. I would probably be in the league with him the way he makes his teammates better, but I’m not. LOL, oh well.

After he left, Tyreke Evans came in, and I got to play with another great guard but didn’t do what I had to do. I got tired of that, so I got with our strength coach, Richard Hogans, the following summer and he stayed on me like I was his son – getting me better and getting my body right, and I did just that.

I came out my senior year with Josh Pastner and showed flashes of what I could do. Playing for Josh and Cal was totally different. Cal was the coach who was going to get on your butt and yell at all times. LOL. With Josh, he was so much different. He didn’t curse, scream or none of that. He was a very laid back coach that really cared about you as a person. Not saying Cal didn’t care about his players, but Josh was so different with it.

We could go talk to coach about anything personal. At the end of the season, I think I may have done that too much. I was having off-the-court problems along with on-the-court problems, as well as trying to graduate. It all came around the same time and me and coach didn’t see eye to eye on things. So, I felt the best thing for me was to leave the team, which I really regret.

I still went to the games and supported my teammates, but it was really hard being there and not playing. Josh and I got everything squared away and there aren’t any problems between the two of us. He wanted me to stay in school and graduate and that’s what I did. So after all the ups and downs, I really appreciated Coach for staying on me.

Well I’m going to wrap it up. I just wanted to share that with the fans and get it off my chest. I’m over in Japan now playing and it’s ok. It’s just so much different than home, but I’m enjoying myself. I hope everyone forgives me. I still bleed blue. Also y’all can follow me on twitter @phn101. Go Tigers!

You can make it better if you want-



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