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What Are Your Expectations For The Tigers Heading Into Tonight’s Game?

If the Tigers are to get to the National Championship that they have all openly spoke about then tonight’s game against the #4 ranked Kansas Jayhawks will serve as a nice measuring stick for where the team is right now. Will they stand up to the challenge, will they run away from the tough and proven Jayhawks, will they rebound the ball, will they defend, who will step up tonight and put the team on their back, etc? All are questions that surely must be answered tonight starting at 6:00PM CST on ESPN as the #14 Tigers take on the #4 Kansas Jayhawks.

From the sounds of things Coach Josh Pastner seems to be conceding the win to the national powerhouse, downplaying the importance of the game.  Fans on the other hand know differently, after seeing the Tigers through 7 games thus far it is clear they have some issues. Rebounding, tough interior defense, and leadership seem to be their largest problems. While they were able to speak by lower level teams on their way to a 7 – 0 record a team like Kansas is talented enough and well coached enough to expose those weaknesses and make Tuesday night a miserable experience for the Tigers. On the other hand, the Tigers could seize the moment stepping up to the plate and playing well under the big lights of Madison Square Garden. Either way I wouldn’t be surprised, but what are your expectations of the Tigers tonight?


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