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Sports Fun Facts: What Does The “G” On The Green Bay Packers Logo Really Stand For?

I’m a sucker for fun sports facts that allow me to display my advanced sports knowledge over those that engage in conversation with me. How many 50 point games did Wilt Chamberlain have in the 1961 – 1962 season, who holds the career slugging percentage record in Major League Baseball,  what American sprinter currently holds the Track and Field record for the 400 . . . . . . . . . . . . . I’m sure you get the point. To further my knowledge I often find myself obsessing over the sports section of the daily papers, researching league histories online for hours and hours, and reviewing sports almanac’s like a nun does her Bible. Fortunately today the effort wasn’t required thanks to the good people over at Yahoo Sports and their Super Bowl Media Day coverage.

As many of you know Super Bowl Media Day usually offers very little information of substance in regards to the game on the field as it often turns into a public relations event where the players are allowed to “let their hair down” and interact with the press from all over the world. Silly questions are asked and stunts are performed by the media to gain recognition and fill interview quotas. So what did Tiki Barber of Yahoo Sports ask the members of the Green Bay Packers that grabbed my attention? Nothing to serious of course but at the same time it was a question that I and I’m sure many of you thought you knew the answer to . . . . . . . . . . . What does the “G” stand for on the Green Bay Packers logo? Duh, it stands for Green Bay, the city where the Packers were founded in the year 1919, right? Well if that was your answer, your wrong, but your not alone. Apparently none of the members of the Packers knew either. (Click Here For Video)

According to Barber and Wikipedia, the famed “G” logo was created in 1961 by Green Bay’s equipment manager George “Dad” Braisher. Though many automatically assume the “G” refers to the city of Green Bay, it actually represents the word “greatness” which described the Packers to the letter during the 1960’s. Under Head Coach Vince Lombardi, Green Bay won 5 NFL Championships including 3 years straight (1965 – 1967) and 2 AFL-NFL Super Bowl Championships (1966 and 1967).  Prior to the creation of the “G”, the Packers used numerous logos to identify their team but no other since the introduction of the “G”. Fast forward to 2011, with the Brett Favre era in the rearview and the Packers getting set to play in the biggest sporting event in the world, the “G” has surely become one of the most recognizable logos in the world alongside the Nike “Swoosh”, the Yankees “NY”, the Dallas Cowboys’ “Star“.

Check out the video mentioned above and more coverage from Super Bowl XLV on Yahoo Sports (Click Here For Link)


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