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Final Scores: Memphis Tigers – 63 vs Central Florida – 62

View More Photos From The  February 9 Game Against Central Florida (Click Here For Link)

February 9, 2011

Final Score: Memphis Tigers – 63 vs Central Florida – 62

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Final Scores: Memphis Grizzlies – 105 vs Oklahoma City Thunder – 101 (Final – OT)

February 8, 2011

Final Score: Memphis Grizzlies – 105 vs  Oklahoma City Thunder – 101

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Sports Fun Facts: What Does The “G” On The Green Bay Packers Logo Really Stand For?

I’m a sucker for fun sports facts that allow me to display my advanced sports knowledge over those that engage in conversation with me. How many 50 point games did Wilt Chamberlain have in the 1961 – 1962 season, who holds the career slugging percentage record in Major League Baseball,  what American sprinter currently holds the Track and Field record for the 400 . . . . . . . . . . . . . I’m sure you get the point. To further my knowledge I often find myself obsessing over the sports section of the daily papers, researching league histories online for hours and hours, and reviewing sports almanac’s like a nun does her Bible. Fortunately today the effort wasn’t required thanks to the good people over at Yahoo Sports and their Super Bowl Media Day coverage. Continue reading

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Memphis Grizzlies All Star Power Forward Zach Randolph Visits The Chris Vernon Show

The always jovial Memphis Grizzlies All Star Forward Zach Randolph stopped by The Chris Vernon Show for a few minutes yesterday as he prepared to meet up with the Boys and Girls Club of Memphis and do some Christmas Shopping. Though his time was brief Zach touched on a couple different topics surrounding him and his 12 – 16 Memphis Grizzlies squad. Z-Bo and Chris talked about the Grizzlies sub-par record thus far, his current contract situation, his future with the team, what his thought are on this years Grizzlies, his Christmas wishes, his charity work, video games, and other news and notes from the 2010 – 2011  NBA season. Though Z-Bo didn’t just come out and say it, you could sense that he was hinting at some serious issues surrounding newly established roles on the team and the contract situations of some of his other teammates.

Listen to Memphis Grizzlies All Star Power Forward Zach Randolph’s visit to The Chris Vernon Show: Monday December 20, 2010 (Click Here For Link)

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Adonis Thomas Finally Signs With The University of Memphis. Coach Pastner Stops By To Share His Thoughts

Memphis Prized Recruit Adonis Thomas (Middle, In Black Memphis Tigers Hat) Signs His Official Letter Of Intent To Play Basketball At The University Of Memphis Starting In 2011. Thomas Is The #1 Player In The Class Of 2011 (According To Sporting News). Photo Provided By http://www.MemphisRoar.com

Its officially, official now. The University of Memphis Men’s Basketball program got their prized recruit, Adonis Thomas, yesterday morning when he signed his Letter of Intent to play for Coach Josh Pastner and the Tigers next year. Thomas, who is the Number 1 ranked high school basketball player in the Class of 2011 according to www.sportingnews.com, gave his verbal committment to the Tigers on October 28th, choosing to stay home in Memphis over taking his talents to South Beach, Tennessee, Arkansas, Florida, or UCLA. Thomas’ signing with the hometown team marks a significant achievement for Coach Pastner as he is now 2 for 2 when attempting to land the City of Memphis’ top basketball prospects. This year it was Thomas, last year he convinced Joe Jackson, Tarik Black, and sharp shooter Chris Crawford to stay home and help him sure up a young Memphis squad.

Following yesterday’s official signing of Thomas, Coach Pastner made a visit to The Chris Vernon Show to share his jubilance with our listeners and talk about other news and notes surrounding the team as they prepare to open the 2010 – 2011 Season Friday November 12 against Centenary. Click Here for audio of  Coach Josh Pastner’s interview on The Chris Vernon Show.

Click Here For Audio Of Memphis Tigers Head Basketball Coach Josh Pastner’s November 10th Interview On The Chris Vernon Show (Click Here)

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BCS Director Bill Hancock Visits The Dan Patrick Show Tuesday November 9, 2010

Known for never letting anyone come on his show without answering the questions that the guest  probably want to avoid, BCS Director Bill Hancock visited the Dan Patrick Show on Tuesday morning and things were no different. Dan grilled Bill to the point of momentary silence as he questioned Mr. Hancock on the BCS, their policies, their results, opportunity for change, and potential flaws in their system. By the looks of things Mr. Hancock and his BCS counterparts have somewhat of an issue on their hands. Currently the BCS has 4 teams in their top 4 with perfect records (Oregon 9-0, Auburn 10-0, TCU 10-0, Boise State 8-0), if all 4 teams win out, 2 will be left on the outside of the 2010 National Championship Game fighting for 3rd and 4th place. For years now this has caused much public out cry and criticism but for the first time skeptics are getting the justice system involved, challenging the Bowl Championship Series from a legal point of view and whether or not they are handling business according to the letter of the law. If any of these lawsuits hold up change will take some time but according to statements made by Mr. Hancock during his interview he does not fear the outcome of the suits or any other legal action that could potentially come the way of the BCS. Click here to hear Bill Hancock’s interview on the Dan Patrick’s Show.

Click Here To Hear Audio From Bill   Hancocks November 9th Interview On The Dan Patrick Show (Click Here)

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Alabama Crimson Tide Running Back Mark Ingram Visits The Dan Patrick Show

Current Alabama Crimson Tide Running Back and reigning Heisman Trophy winner Mark Ingram took a few minutes out of his schedule to visit the Dan Patrick Show this morning. Though the one man wrecking crew displays a very serious attitude on the field he showed a lighter side of himself during his interview with Dan, opening up on a number of subjects including his head coach Nick Saban, his team, this years version of SEC Football, Auburn quarterback Cam Newton, other top running backs in college football, his future career in Sports Broadcasting, and a couple other topics of interest. Mark also spoke briefly about next weekends huge matchup against fellow SEC West heavyweight LSU. Click here to hear Mark Ingram’s interview on the Dan Patrick’s Show.

Click Here To Hear Audio From Mark Ingram’s October 27th Interview On The Dan Patrick Show (Click Here)

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Memphis Tigers Tarik Black, Will Coleman, and Will Barton Visit The Chris Vernon Show

Memphis Tigers and Chris Vernon at the 730 Fox Sports Beale Street studio (from left to right): Will Coleman, Will Barton, Chris Vernon, and Tarik Black

3 players from this years version of the Memphis Tigers visited the Chris Vernon Show yesterday afternoon for an hour of incredible radio. Tarik Black, Will Barton, and Will Coleman let loose in the studio sharing inside information on the team, themselves, Coach Pastner, what Tiger fans should expect from them this season, and many other topics of interest.

From experience with the old Memphis Tigers (Calipari Era) and this group of players I can honestly say that this is a different group of guys. They are all very respectful, genuinely funny, and have a great understanding of their roles and what is expected from them while donning the University of Memphis uniform. While Will Barton’s “National Championship or nothing” quotes might be a little ambitious, I can not say that I would be extremely surprised if that is how the 2010 – 2011 season ended for this young group of men.

Listen to Memphis Tigers: Tarik Black, Will Coleman, and Will Barton’s visit to The Chris Vernon Show: Thursday October 14, 2010 (Click Here For Link)

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Is The End In Sight? BCS System Opposers Attempt To Get The Law On Their Side

In the late 1920’s and early 1930’s American Gangster Alphonse Gabriel “Al” Capone made his historic rise to fame as one of the underworld bosses in the great City of Chicago. Capone and his gang, known as the Chicago Outfit, had their hands in almost every form of legal and illegal business but made a major portion of their fortune in gambling, prostitution, and the prohibited sale of alcohol. For years, Capone made millions with no interference from local law enforcement, who he often paid off or blackmailed for cooperation. It wasn’t until pictures of a mass murder ordered by Capone on a rival gang, dubbed the Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre made headlines of local and national newspapers, sparking mass anger and fear from the public and government alike. In 1929 multiple government agencies entered into investigations attempting to find something that would put Capone out of business. 2 years of very intense poking and prodding  gave the government nothing of substance that Capone could be convicted on. It wasn’t until IRS agent Frank Wilson and his team completed their questioning of Capone’s accountant’s and bookkeeper’s did they have anything solid that could put the mob boss away. In 1931 Capone was indicted on charges of Income Tax Evasion and violation of the Volstead Act, which he was later found guilty of and sentenced to 11 years in Federal Prison. The IRS finding along with the repeal of prohibition in 1933 put Capone and many other gangsters out of business restoring justice and power in society.

Similar to the story above the IRS has forever been the downfall of many powerful individuals and organizations in American history. If Matt Sanderson and supporters of his website PlayoffPac.com have their way, they would like to see it (the IRS) bring an end to the BCS (Bowl Championship Series) as we currently know it.

For the past couple of years sports fans, some university representatives, and government officials have been up in arms about the BCS, how it is operated, and how it controls the outcome of our college football championship, petitioning for a more competitive playoff system where a true champion is crowned based upon on field play and not the result of computer calculations. Schools that have been left out of the deciding games have cried fool, calling the system unfair to smaller schools that are not apart of the BCS, even our current President, Barrack Obama, has chimed in stating that “we should be creating a playoff system”. Unfortunately, while most see it as a major issue, there are plenty of people who benefit greatly from the Bowl Championship Series being in place. Schools take home major coin to participate in BCS games, the sponsors of the games get major exposure from television networks and the schools playing, and the organizers gets huge paydays to put these games together year after year. So of course past complaints about how unfair the system is and how there needs to be change has fallen on deaf ears.

Fast forward to September 23, 2010, a pro playoff system political committee founded by Matt Sanderson known as the Playoff Pac filed a 27 page IRS complaint against the BCS Bowls and its organizers. The complaint, which list significant tax irregularities discovered through a methodical review of over 2,300 pages of tax records and public documents, might be the best opportunity that those who oppose the BCS have in seeing any change in the system or it completely done away with. On Friday September 25, 2010 PlayoffPac.com’s founder visited the Dan Patrick show to explain the complaint, exactly what is included in it, and what this complaint could mean for the future of college football. Click here to hear Matt Sanderson’s interview on the Dan Patrick’s Show.

Click Here To Hear Audio From Matt Sanderson’s September 25th Interview On The Dan Patrick Show (Click Here)

A couple of other sports personalities visited the Chris Vernon Show a couple of weeks ago and gave their opinions of the issues with the NCAA, the BCS, and what is being done by PlayoffPac.com.

CBS College Sports Analyst Spencer Tillman visits the Chris Vernon Show September 21, 2010 (Click Here For Link)

The Godfather of Grassroots Basketball Sonny Vaccaro visits the Chris Vernon Show (Click Here For Link)

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Josh Luchs, Subject Of Sports Illustrated’s Tell All Cover Story “Confessions Of An Agent” To Visit The Chris Vernon Show Today AT 4:25PM – Podcast Attached


Just In Case You Missed Chris Vernon’s Interview With Josh Luchs (click here for link to podcast)

Not often do sports stories that will shake up all phases of the sports business see the light of day. In my lifetime alone I can probably count the ones that I remember on my right hand. Reggie Bush is ruled ineligible by the NCAA, MLB players testify on Capital Hill, Mike Vick is sent to Federal Prison, and “The Brawl At The Palace In Detroit” are the ones that come to mind. Sports Illustrated’s newest cover story, which will be released in their October 18th issue, has the potential to trump all of the above and possibly anything you can think of as well.

The Subject Of Sports Illustrated's October 18, 2010 Cover Story "Confessions Of An Agent" Josh Luchs Will Visit The Chris Vernon Show Today, October 12, At 4:25PM. Listen In Live On 730AM (Memphis) or Online

Former NFL agent Josh Luchs sits down with SI writer George Dohrmamn and spills the beans, literally. Sharing in-depth accounts of his 20+ years as an agent, which includes tales of how he got into the business, experiences he had over his career, and even his own admission to wrong doing according to NCAA/ NFLPA rules and guidelines in regards to providing extra benefits to student athletes (paying college players).

Well before Mr. Luchs’ story is released in print (it can be viewed online now – click here) he has decided to visit The Chris Vernon Show and talked about his story, his experience, reactions he is receiving from the interview, and what he hopes comes from his ‘tell all”. Luchs will visit the show at 4:25PM (CST – Memphis) and can be heard on our station 730 Fox Sports (730AM – Memphis) or Online (click here for link).

Confessions Of An Agent” by Josh Luchs As Told To George Dohrmamn of Sports Illustrated and www.SI.com (click here for link)

Can’t Make It To A Radio, Listen To 730 Fox Sports Online (click here for link)

Just In Case You Missed Chris Vernon’s Interview With Josh Luchs (click here for link to podcast)

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