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2011 NBA All Star Reserves Announced . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

For a little over a week basketball experts and fans alike have debated over which elite level players would fill the remaining fourteen 2011 NBA All Star roster spots.  Would Rookie sensation Blake Griffin get the call to play in front of the hometown fans of Los Angeles, would the NBA reward great play over popularity,  which veteran performers would get replaced by the NBA’s new crop of talent, and of course which players would be left on the outside looking in? Once the starters, chosen by NBA fans, were announced for the 60th All Star game the league’s commissioner and coaches have been trying to compile a roster of the leagues most elite talent at every position. Pretty tough job huh? Trying to narrow a list of more than 360 players down to 24 (12 on each team). There is no way that you can ever get it right.


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Sports Fun Facts: What Does The “G” On The Green Bay Packers Logo Really Stand For?

I’m a sucker for fun sports facts that allow me to display my advanced sports knowledge over those that engage in conversation with me. How many 50 point games did Wilt Chamberlain have in the 1961 – 1962 season, who holds the career slugging percentage record in Major League Baseball,  what American sprinter currently holds the Track and Field record for the 400 . . . . . . . . . . . . . I’m sure you get the point. To further my knowledge I often find myself obsessing over the sports section of the daily papers, researching league histories online for hours and hours, and reviewing sports almanac’s like a nun does her Bible. Fortunately today the effort wasn’t required thanks to the good people over at Yahoo Sports and their Super Bowl Media Day coverage. Continue reading

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and Your 2011 NBA All Star Starters Are . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Since the 2010 – 2011 season tipped off on October 26 in Boston, NBA players have been campaigning to gain the favor of the fans and All Star selection committee, hoping to have the honor of participating in this years NBA All Star festivities. Some like Chicago Bulls star point guard Derrick Rose have taken the nonchalant approach, simply allowing his game to do the talking as he looks for his 2nd go at the All Star game.

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Which of the Four Remaining Quarterbacks Would You Rather Have Starting For Your Team? (Poll Question)

Often discounted by Pro Football analyst who consider the Jets quarterback simply a game manager, Mark Sanchez has put together winning performance after winning performance in the AFC Playoffs with a 4 and 1 post-season record to show for it. With his 6th playoff start approaching on Sunday Sanchez’s 60.5% completion rate on 124 total passes is sure to take a considerable hit as he faces the Pittsburgh Steelers who currently hold the title as the NFL’s #1 overall defense. Last year, Sanchez, then a rookie, and his Jets lost the AFC Championship game to Peyton Manning and the Indianapolis Colts, unfortunately for him overcoming Pittsburgh at Heinz Field will likely be a tougher challenge.

If the poll question was “Which of the Four Remaining Quarterbacks Do You Not Trust The Most” Chicago Bears’ signal caller Jay Cutler would take the cake by far. As a life long Bear fan I can honestly say that when it comes to Jay Cutler and the Bears’ offense, not knowing what to expect when they match up against the much hated Green Bay Packers, scares me to death. Will we see the cool, calm, and collect Jay Cutler who observes what the defense is offering him then attacks with one of the Bears’ unorthodoxed receiving weapons or will we get the gun slinging, strong armed, overly confident Jay Cutler who tosses the pigskin where he wants opposed to where his easiest target is located. As hard as it is for Bears’ fans to accept, any chance the “Monsters of the Midway” have of moving on to Super Bowl XLV (45) lies on the often slouched shoulders of #6 in Navy Blue.

Until the recent explosion of Green Bay Packer quarterback Aaron Rodgers, Ben Roethlisberger was probably the most celebrated of the quarterbacks on this list. Aside from his off the field issues, which read like a grocery list, Big Ben has become one of the more stable players in the NFL, leading a very veteran Pittsburgh Steelers squad to the playoffs during 5 of his 7 years in the league, 2 of those appearances ending in Super Bowl Championships. Roethlisberger, 28, is tough, constantly playing through injury and pain, he is also a strong leader, smart decision maker, and can be depended upon to make big plays down the stretch in close games. He boost a career playoff record of 9 and 2 and though the Jets beat his Steelers during week 15, 22 – 17, experts expect the outcome to be different this time around as the Steelers are back at full strength on both sides of the ball.

As mentioned above Aaron Rodgers is the NFL’s flavor of the month. He and his Packers have run off 4 wins in a row including a 10 – 3 week 17 victory over their opponent in the NFC Championship game, the Chicago Bears, and a statement victory last week over the NFC’s #1 seed Atlanta Falcons 48 – 21. During the Packs 4 game winning streak Rodgers has completed 93 of the 128 passes he attempted for 1,179 yards, 11 touchdowns, and 1 interception. Though he shows no signs of cooling off, Rodgers is facing the Bears for the 3rd time this season (2nd at Solider Field in Chicago, IL) and the 1 pick he has tossed during their current win streak came against the Bears. Sunday’s game between the Bears and Packers will be their 181st head to head match-up, which is the most in NFL history. Neither team has much love for the other and with a trip to Super Bowl XLV (45) on the line you can expect it to be a blood-bath. Can Rogers hang or will he and his Packers be sent . . . . . . . . . . . . Packing?

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Final Scores: Memphis Grizzlies – 84 vs Chicago Bulls – 96

January 17, 2011

Final Score: Memphis Grizzlies –  86 vs Chicago Bulls – 96


Scoring:           Randolph – 21                                Deng – 28

Rebs:                  Randolph – 13                                 Rose – 10

Assist:                Conley – 6                                        Rose – 12

Records:           Memphis Grizzlies (19 – 22)  Chicago Bulls (28 – 13)

Next Opponent For The Memphis Grizzlies: New Orleans Hornets Wednesday January 19, 2011 7:00PM (CST) at New Orleans Areana

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Final Scores: Memphis Grizzlies – 87 vs Charlotte Bobcats – 103

December 17, 2010

Final Score: Memphis Grizzlies – 87 vs  Houston Rockets – 103

Leaders:     Memphis Grizzlies                     Houston Rockets

Scoring:        Rudy Gay and Sam Young – 19     Kevin Martin– 24

Rebs:              Zach Randolph – 9                              Shane Battier – 10

Assist:           Mike Conley– 3                                      Kyle Lowery – 18

Records:       Memphis Grizzlies (12 – 15)           Houston Rockets (11 – 15)

Next Opponent For Memphis Grizzlies: at San Antonio Spurs – Saturday December 18, 2010 7:30PM (CST)

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What Are Your Expectations For The Tigers Heading Into Tonight’s Game?

If the Tigers are to get to the National Championship that they have all openly spoke about then tonight’s game against the #4 ranked Kansas Jayhawks will serve as a nice measuring stick for where the team is right now. Will they stand up to the challenge, will they run away from the tough and proven Jayhawks, will they rebound the ball, will they defend, who will step up tonight and put the team on their back, etc? All are questions that surely must be answered tonight starting at 6:00PM CST on ESPN as the #14 Tigers take on the #4 Kansas Jayhawks.

From the sounds of things Coach Josh Pastner seems to be conceding the win to the national powerhouse, downplaying the importance of the game.  Fans on the other hand know differently, after seeing the Tigers through 7 games thus far it is clear they have some issues. Rebounding, tough interior defense, and leadership seem to be their largest problems. While they were able to speak by lower level teams on their way to a 7 – 0 record a team like Kansas is talented enough and well coached enough to expose those weaknesses and make Tuesday night a miserable experience for the Tigers. On the other hand, the Tigers could seize the moment stepping up to the plate and playing well under the big lights of Madison Square Garden. Either way I wouldn’t be surprised, but what are your expectations of the Tigers tonight?

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How “Kobe and LeBron” Stole Christmas – Both Stars To Debut New Signature Shoes During Christmas Day Game

I guess it’s safe to say that all is set for the NBA’s marquee match-up on Christmas Day between the reigning NBA Champs Los Angeles Lakers and the under achieving team that had high hopes and dreams in dethroning them, the Miami Heat.

Where will it be: Staples Center – Los Angeles, California

When will it be: Saturday December 25, 2010

What time will it be: 2:00PM (PST)

Where can it be seen: ABC (Local Channel 24 – Memphis, TN)

The rosters are set (maybe not for the Miami Heat), all the tickets are SOLD OUT and have been for a couple of months now, and we now know what will be worn on the feet of the big games two biggest stars, Kobe Bryant and LeBron James.

Both will be dawning their signature Nike kicks with a special holiday touch. Kobe will be in the Nike Zoom Kobe VI (6) “Christmas” which has been given a special “pea-green” color mockup. Reports released yesterday note Thoedor Geisel’s fable “The Grinch That Stole Christmas” as the inspiration behind the shoes design, but other sources question if its the Grinch or Kobe’s facination with the great martial artist Bruce Lee and his character Kato in “The Green Hornet”.

Click Here To See More Pictures Of The Nike Zoom Kobe VI (6) “Christmas”

LeBron on the other hand will be sporting a production model of his Nike LeBron 8 V2 nicknamed “Christmas” which will be released the following day December 26, 2010.  With a majority red upper, white sole, and green laces LBJ will be displaying his Christmas Spirit for the world to see. No word on where these will be available on release date but they will carry a fairly reasonable price tag of $160.00 + tax.

Click Here To See More Pictures Of The Nike LeBron 8 V2 “Christmas”

I guess the only question now is whether or not LeBron’s coach, Erik Spoelstra will be on the sideline for the Miami Heat on Christmas Day or will Pat Riley make his way from the front office to take over the team he built this summer.

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Final Scores: Memphis Tigers – 102 vs University of Tennessee – Martin (UTM) 80

November 23, 2010

Final Score: Memphis Tigers – 102 vs University of Tennessee – Martin Skyhawks – 80

Leaders:     Memphis Tigers                      UTM Skyhawks

Scoring:        W. Coleman – 20                           R. Clayton – 20

Rebs:              Angel Garcia – 9                            R. Clayton – 10

Assist:           Will Barton – 6                                R. Clayton – 3

Records:       Memphis Tigers (5 – 0)              University of Tennessee – Martin Skyhawks (2 – 3)

Next Opponent For Memphis Tigers: vs Arkansas State University Wednesday December 1, 2010 7:00PM (CST) at FedEx Forum

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